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USANA Compensation Plan Benefits and Why You Should Become a USANA Distributor by Signing UP through this website ?

As you know, the greatest feature of this Compensation Plan is the fairness. You can open one business center or three business centers. Let us discuss it from one business center. I can only have two down-line business centers as following image shows:

When you join the network by this website, you can be any position under me. But you can also have a lot of down-lines by just joining the USANA distributor network system because a lot of associates will join by this website (because this website have a high Rank ).

If you search in google for “USANA Distributor”. You will find our website “” keeps in top one of all the google results. It means we have a lot of down-line distributors. Because we can have only two direct down-line distributors, all the new distributors joined today will be the down-line distributors of yesterday’s distributors. The distributors that join tomorrow will become today’s distributors’ down-line distributors.

Some of our down-line distributors have already more than 200 down-line distributors. You will earn money by just joining USANA distributor network through our website

If they join the USANA distributor system after you, they will become your down-line. This is the big benefits of USANA Binary compensation plan. For set up one or three business centers and commission calculations, please click here.

USANA Binary Compensation Plan Benefits

Compared with traditional networking, the USANA Binary compensation plan has more advantages as shown in following picture:

The USANA Binary Compensation Plan eliminates many of the pitfalls that plague traditional network marketing plans. For more detail for the benefits of USANA Binary Compensation Plan, please check following link: USANABinaryCompPlan

Following are just a few of the benefits of the USANA Binary Compensation Plan:
• By building a downline of Associates and developing a strong base of customers, you can begin to realize financial success.
• There is greater depth from which you can earn commissions.
• Commissions are paid weekly, motivating new Associates to immediate success.
• Your upline has an incentive to work with you to help you build your downline.
• Associate success is more widespread and evenly distributed; the plan is fair to everyone involved.

There are three ways to earn income with the USANA Binary Compensation Plan:
• Retail Sales
• Commissions
• Leadership Bonuses

Because we have a lot of high rank websites, and it is very easy for us to get another business center certificate. I will set up our business center right under your down-line. It is the biggest benefits of USANA compensation plan. No absolutely up-line and down-line, we just work together as a team.

What is the USANA Compensation Plan Benefits

1.Easy to join – you only need on business start package. To open one Business Center and begin earning commissions, you’ll need to generate 200 points in Personal Sales Volume. You can generate the required volume through a single order for your personal use and/or for your customers, or it can be accumulated through many orders— just remember, your Business Center won’t open until you generate enough Personal Sales Volume.

2. Low volume per month. To receive commissions in the USANA Binary Compensation Plan, you must keep your Business Center(s) active by achieving a minimum Personal Sales Volume requirement. To keep one Business Center active, you must achieve at least 100 points in Personal Sales Volume during each four-week rolling period. To keep two or more Business Centers active, you must achieve at least 200 Personal Sales Volume points during each four-week rolling period.

3. All volume counted. The Group Sales Volume on the left and right sides of your Business Centers aren’t always going to match, but that’s okay. Any extra Group Sales Volume (up to5,000 points on each side) will roll over into the next commission period.

4. You can balance your both sides till unlimited level.

5. Up-line distributor can place down-line associates new distributors because up-line can only have two direct down-line. Up-line can also be a down-line associate’s associate by placing one more business center. If you signing up as a down-line of this website, you can be any position of following picture.

6. Weekly Commissions – USANA uses a ‘Binary Compensation Plan’, which enables associates to earn commission from the activity of others they have recruited into the system. To put it simply, you can recruit new members to either the left side or the right side of your business. All the product they purchase contribute to your ‘group sales volume’, which can potentially earn you a weekly commission check.

7. Lifetime Matching commision – All your personally sponsored who reach the rank of Platinum PaceSetter will grant you the bonus of a 15% match of their commission’s volume for the life of their USANA business.

8. INCENTIVES – This is simply a rewards program that consists of what the USANA company determines.These rewards are usually prizes, and travel prizes, and also some type of monetary incentives. You can usually find these contests in your online back-office.

9. Leadship Bonus – When you hit Gold Director or higher, you will be qualified for a percentage of company-wide commissionable sales volume split up between everyone that qualifies at your rank at the same time. The percentage will also be determined by the number of business centers you have and what type of production they are producing.

10. Elite Bonus – This is an exclusive bonus and only paid out to the top 40 income earners for each quarter. 1% of the USANA company-wide sales volume is divided. This can be quite sizable depending on the company’s quarters sales profit.

How To Get Started And Earn Commissions In USANA

please click above link to join USANA distributor network. and you will go to following page:

chose the country and language, and then click continue. Select Associate Welcome Kit in next page.

and then click continue to go to next page.

complete the form and click continue. You will get your member login information and after you have registered into your usana member, you will get everything you need.


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