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Which USANA products contain Iron ?

NO. Normally USANA products do not have iron because the widespread availability of iron-fortified foods ensure that most adults receive sufficient iron from their diets (as a common example, just one cup of a popular toasted oat cereal provides 45% of the RDA for iron).  Iron overload may result in hemachromatosis, a disorder that can result in the failure of multiple organ systems, cirrhosis, diabetes and heart failure.


Iron supplementation is best handled separately by those who specifically need it. One such group includes pregnant women, who can get the benefits of the CellSentials plus iron in the Prenatal CellSentials.



Technical Background

  • Iron (Fe) is an essential nutrient required for oxygen transport in the blood (via hemoglobin), for storage and transport of oxygen in muscles (via myoglobin) and for respiration and energy metabolism (via the cytochrome system in mitochondria). Without iron, oxygen exchange could not occur at the cellular level and tissue death would result.
  • Iron is a cofactor for enzymes involved in niacin (vitamin B3) synthesis, carnitine synthesis, DNA synthesis, the conversion of phenylalanine to tyrosine and for cellreplication.
  • Iron deficiency anemia occurs when iron stores in the body become severely depleted and hemoglobin cannot be synthesized. With anemia red blood cells become small and pale, and unable to deliver adequate oxygen to the cells. Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include; decreased work capacity, weakness, fatigue, headache,changes in behavior, impaired development in infants, and decreased resistance to infection.
  • Iron deficiency anemia effects about 12 % of women in industrialized countries. Menstruating women are at a greater risk for developing iron deficiency anemia because monthly blood losses decrease iron stores. Pregnant women are also susceptible to iron deficiencies. During pregnancy additional iron is needed to support the growth and development of the growing fetus.
  • Iron overload is also a concern, with up to ten percent of the population suffering from iron overload.  Iron overload may result in hemachromatosis, a disorder that can result in the failure of multiple organ systems, cirrhosis, diabetes and heart failure.
  • As such, iron supplements should be used only with the advice of a medical professional and only after iron levels have been determined by serum ferritin testing.
  • Iron toxicity may occur if high levels of supplemental iron are continuously ingested over long periods of time. Iron can be extremely toxic to children and can evenbecome fatal.
  • Death could occur if a small child swallowed an entire bottle of iron supplements. It is important to keep all iron supplements securely sealed and out of reach of children.

What foods contain Iron ?

Which foods have high iron content and how to absorb more iron from foods ?

How to Get More Iron From Your Food

Some foods can help your body absorb iron from iron-rich foods; others can hinder it. To absorb the most iron from the foods you eat, avoid drinking coffee or tea or consuming calcium-rich foods or drinks with meals containing iron-rich foods. Calcium itself can interfere.To improve your absorption of iron, eat it along with a good source of vitamin C — such as orange juice, broccoli, or strawberries — or eat nonheme iron foods with a food from the meat, fish, and poultry group.

If you have trouble getting enough iron from food sources, you may need an iron supplement. But speak to your health care provider about the proper dosage first and follow his or her instructions carefully. Because very little iron is excreted from the body, iron can accumulate in body tissues and organs when the normal storage sites — the liver, spleen, and bone marrow — are full. Although iron toxicity from food sources is rare, deadly overdoses are possible with supplements.

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  1. Distributor USANA

    If a person has low iron, he can only take iron supplement, prescription or non-prescription iorn supplement. I do not think vitamin can improve iron content.

    B-12 anemia, Folate or folic acid anemia, and Vitamin C anemia can be improved by taking B-12, folic acid, or Vitamin C.

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