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Where Does USANA Stand Today?

It’s hard to believe that only a month has passed since we asked the majority of our employees here in Utah to begin working from home. Some of our markets, like China, Korea, the EU, and Taiwan, were ahead of us in dealing with this pandemic, and many other markets quickly followed.

Regardless of the timeline, USANA staff members around the world have shifted how they serve you—from taking customer service calls from their kitchen tables to temporarily closing will calls and getting thousands more shipments out the door each week.

This month has been a whirlwind for all of us, but it has been filled with moments that make me proud to be a part of this company.

I’ve heard about USANA employees in the Philippines moving their shipping facility to a new building overnight in order to keep your deliveries on time. I’ve watched call centers shift to working from home in just two days. I’ve been a part of our leadership team coming together each day to overcome new challenges and continue planning for the future. I’ve seen Associates and employees reach out to help lift each other’s spirits and donate to healthcare workers on the frontlines.

We are all finding a “new normal” right now, and that’s okay. Our commitment to you remains the same.

I want to assure each of you that USANA is in a good position financially and we remain agile and adaptable to meet the unique demands of the current environment.  We are committed to continue providing you and your customers with exceptional products and service in each of our markets. That service might look a little different right now, but it has the heart and hard work of each of our employees behind it.

  • Manufacturing. We continue to manufacture products and ship orders to homes around the world. As always, manufacturing is taking place in an exceptionally clean facility using Good Manufacturing Practices to maintain our high quality standards. We’ve also added safety measures like temperature-taking and physical distancing to keep our employees safe.
  • Inventory. We are experiencing high demand for many of our products and, consequently, those products are selling quickly. Generally, we have ample inventory in all of our markets, and our operations team is rapidly addressing any backorders.
  • Sales Support. We are here to support you in your business, at a time when many potential customers are searching for ways to improve their nutrition. Your Sales teams are holding frequent trainings to get you familiar with all our online sales tools and resources. And customer service is still available for every market, whether that’s through phone, email, WhatsApp, or LINE.
  • Product Development. Our Research and Development team is still hard at work on advancing nutritional and personal wellness through new product development. We are very excited about new products set to launch over the next year.
  • Events. We’re getting creative and shifting most of our large Associate events online. Our team members are working to deliver content to your homes that will be as engaging and motivating as our in-person events.

How Is USANA Giving Back?
We have set aside extra money to help our communities and have worked closely with each of our markets to identify their unique needs. Markets are working with Associates to give USANA products and personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline workers and donate money and food to families hit hardest by COVID-19 closures. Keep an eye on USANA social media accounts and your email for more details about how we’re making a difference.

Committed to Our Future
Although we can’t know with certainty what the next few months will bring, I can assure you we’ll continue to do everything we can to deliver USANA products and support your business. Our employees have been incredibly responsive with each change in our markets, and I have complete belief in their abilities to continue to adapt. And I believe in each of you—that you’ll grow from these challenges and find new, creative ways to help improve others’ lives.

Thank you for all you have done the past few months—for your families, your community, and USANA.

Wishing you and your family all the best.

Jim Brown

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