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What is the good and bad aspects of USANA program ?

USANA goes to great lengths in their research and development to design effective nutritional supplements that actually work. This makes it easier to market the products as clients typically have very positive results after trying the product for a few months. These new clients end up becoming lifelong consumers due to this positive health impact.Quality products produced at the top to the line. Company that cares about the people it serves and the people who are out there talking to others about their products. They have your back all the way!

For USANA Compensation Plan and How to set up Three Business Centers please click here

The USANA business opportunity operates under a simple premise: when you successfully share USANA’s products and the USANA business with others, you get paid for your efforts. We have dozens of millionaire associate or distributors. You can earn your income by following three methods:
Retail Sales,  Commissions, and Leadership Bonuses.

Joining USANA distributor network is very easy. Just click this link and complete all the form you need to complete. You only need spend 20 – 30 points to buy a business starter kit and you will become an USANA distributor. Because of the binary compensation plan, we can place you a lot of downline distributors if you signing up from our website. You can check the reasons here.

We can place a lot of associates for you if you join USANA distributor network by click our website sponsor link because USANA’s compensation Plan Benefits. I can only have two direct down-line associates,  If you join today, tomorrow’s associate will become your down-line distributor. The day after tomorrow’s associate will become your down-line’s down-line distributor. Some of our down-line associates already have more than 100 down-line distributors. Read More Reason Here


USANA goes the extra mile for its employees, associates, customers, and community. There are a lot of great perks as an employee that you just don’t see at other employers. I enjoy that we get things like covered parking, on-site gym and cafe, good benefits, very involved wellness program, scores of employee (and family) activities, employee recognition events, free product, the best company swag ever, awesome profit sharing, mentoring programs, monthly health/wellness seminars, and even free fruit every day. The list goes on.

One of the awesome parts is our charity organization that does an incredible job all over the world fighting hunger for children and families. It’s great to be able to to donate straight from your paycheck to help feed the less fortunate. USANA is very involved in the local community as well. Service projects are routine events that you can participate in, very often during work hours which is really rewarding and generous of the company.

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One of the things we are very lucky to have are excellent leaders all over the company. Senior and executive leadership are very involved with their teams, they’re approachable, down to earth (you should see their music videos), and as you get to know them you realize that we have genuinely good and generous people at the helm which is reassuring as an employee. The “lunch with an executive” events are a treat. As you go down the ranks you continue to find very intelligent and accomplished professionals all over the place who are willing to share their knowledge and skills to help you be better at your own job. You get a sense that you can make a difference and contribution that matters.

It is all hands on deck during the annual convention and while it can be a lot of work, it can be really exciting to meet so many people from all over the world in one place. The company does a lot to say thanks for everyone’s hard work.

I think departments work well with each other at USANA and it has been wonderful to partner with so many people all over the world to accomplish awesome things.

Usana Health Sciences has helped me to become a successful business person. I have learned how to manage promotions, treat employees right, and most importantly have been able to spend more time with family. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone has something to learn from Usana. The business model that they have was very lucrative. I attended many seminars and was able to use their training in my own life. I attribute most of my successes to the training I received from Usana. The difference between Usana and most other companies is that the associates that are selling you the product, actually believe what they are telling you. Their product is so good that it allows the associates to be honest with you.

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USANA as a whole is an amazing place to work. The culture is amazing, everyone is so nice and will to do everything they can to help. The chief officers know that work is not the only thing in life and promote a healthy work / life balance because they want that for themselves too!


There are some great benefits as well: full gym, basketball court, fitness classes, healthy onsite cafeteria, 401k matching, profit sharing, health benefits are decent, great people to work with and for.

Pros – good aspects

  1.  good quality nutritional products –
  2. the products were outstanding: vitamins, guaranteed weight-loss products, and Sense face cream, containing nothing harmful to your skin.
  3. Time freedom, make as much money as you’re willing to work for
  4. If you’re good at sales and can convince other good salesmen to join under you, you could make a lot of money.
  5. Excellent community
  6. Excellent benefits
  7. Culture of inclusion
  8. Promote health
  9. Top line products
  10. Opportunities to improve
  11. Great marketing tainning
  12. Best Products, Best People, Best Marketing Material, Best Science, Best Company- Period
  13. Profit sharing for all employees. Consistently high merit increases.
  14. Great commissions, bonuses, marketing help. Team work is encouraged. The products are great and actually work which makes it easy to Share the products and business opportunity.
  15. Lifelong residual income, excellent compensation plan, choose who I work with every day, access to the best nutritional supplements and health products in the world, exciting & fast paced environment, always learning something new about health and wellness, freedom of time.
  16. for people that love challenge in IT and want to implement technology from the ground up, this really is a bonus.
  17. Camaraderie, group effort, leader support. Hire from within.
  18. I can help lots of people become healthier , change their life.
  19. Work life balance is better than I have ever had.
  20. Flexible work policies
  21. Great opportunity to grow


Cons – bad aspects

  1. Usana provides no training for new associates, relying on a cult-like “team” enthusiasm, learning from people who have no business experience
  2. You’re responsible for your own income and career progress
  3. If you’re not good at sales, you won’t make any money
  4. Not having a boss is a blessing as well as a curse. You are only paid for the efforts of you and your team, so there is nowhere else to place blame if not having success.
  5. Work life balance really only exists for people that aren’t managers and above – Communication sometimes lacks from certain managers, directors, VP’s
  6. repetitive tasks and poor management, not much career perspective
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