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What is a USANA® Celavive™ skincare regimen?

A Celavive skincare regimen is a collection of unique skincare products each designed to nurture your skin—to cleanse, tone, enhance, and hydrate. Celavive’s regimens are created with scientifically advanced formulas that set them apart.

At night, start with makeup remover, then one of our high-performance cleansers. Next is toner. Apply serums and eye cream, and finish your skincare routine with moisturizer. For a boost of serum-rich moisture, indulge with a hydrating + lifting sheet mask two to three times per week.

Results are different for everyone, but most skin glows with hydration immediately. You’ll notice more dramatic results in two to four weeks with consistent, daily use.

USANA® Celavive™ skincare regimen
USANA® Celavive™ skincare regimen

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