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Qualifications for being an USANA associate

Before you begin building a business, you’ll need to fill out the proper paperwork.

First, complete and sign an Associate Application and Agreement form. Then, submit the original to USANA’s Data Processing office with appropriate payment for a Business Development System (BDS).

You may also submit this information electronically through Online Enrollment. Once we’ve received and processed your application, you may begin building a USANA business by sponsoring other people as Associates or Preferred Consultants.

USANA Associates may immediately begin purchasing products at Preferred Pricing for their personal consumption and have the added benefit of being allowed to resell products purchased at Preferred Pricing for a retail profit.

Qualifications for being an USANA associate

When you purchase products—both for your personal use and to re-sell to retail customers you’ll begin to accumulate points from each product. You’ll need to generate a certain number of points each month to keep your business active—this is Personal Sales Volume.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. USANA’s Binary Compensation Plan is built to help you succeed, and it centers around teamwork. The points your team members accumulate individually are pooled together into Group Sales Volume. It’s your Group Sales Volume—the amount of points your team accumulates together—that determine the size of your commissions.

If you want to be an active USANA associate and earn money from your downline. You must keep 100 points personnel purchase amount.

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