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Potent immune-support supplement with zinc and the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex.  – USANA® Proglucamune® – Support daily vitality and sidestep the effects of mild stress with a unique immune-support supplement powered by USANA® InCelligence Technology®.*

56 Tablets/Bottle

Potent immune-support supplement with zinc and the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex.

The USANA Difference

Proglucamune® combines antioxidant-rich, organic reishi and shiitake mushroom extracts with a unique strain of baker’s yeast to help your immune cells adapt to your unique needs. Fortified with the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex, this unique formulation lets you tap into your cells’ natural protective abilities and combines with zinc to support healthy signaling between your immune cells.

Health Benefits

Contains zinc and the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex to support healthy immunity*
Helps you stay fit and well, even during times of occasional stress*
Primes immune cells’ natural protective responses*

Feel Your Best Even Under Stress with USANA® Proglucamune®

Looming deadlines at work or school. Intense workouts. Family responsibilities. Every day, your mind and body face challenges big and small. Feeling your best is essential for conquering those challenges and living a fulfilling life. But sometimes those daily demands can leave you feeling run down as your immune system works to keep up. If you’re looking for an edge to maintain vitality, even during times of stress, USANA Proglucamune can help.*

USANA Proglucamune uses the power of USANA InCelligence Technology to support your immune system’s ability to adapt and react to your unique needs. So, it promotes well-being in two important ways:

  • Supports robust, healthy immune responses*
  • Maintains overall wellness and vitality, even during occasional stress*

The unique formula of USANA Proglucamune combines ancient wisdom with modern science to support your body’s natural defenses.*

Traditional Eastern cultures have used mushrooms for thousands of years to support energy and robust health. Proglucamune delivers organic, antioxidant-rich shiitake and reishi mushroom powders, plus a unique strain of baker’s yeast extract. These powerful ingredients work together in the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex to prime your immune cells’ ability to support your health effectively. It’s a perfect daily solution for staying at your best—even if you’re facing challenges.*

Stay Well with a Resilient Immune System

Immune System
Immune System

A healthy immune system is the key to maintaining vitality, because it helps keep your body’s health in good condition. The immune system is complex. It’s made up of many biological structures and processes that detect and protect against a wide variety of foreign stressors. It’s able to do this by distinguishing them from the body’s own healthy tissue.*

Your immune system is really good at keeping you healthy and protecting you from environmental assaults (although immunity can become weaker with age). But many everyday events can periodically place mild stress on your immune system.*

There are occasional physical stresses like getting too little sleep, being exposed to excess pollution, eating unhealthy foods, or not spending enough time outdoors. Getting too little exercise or, on the flip side, exercising too often or too intensely may impact your immune function, as well.*

Common mental or emotional stresses can also compound to impact your immune system. Keeping up with packed schedules, dealing with work or school pressures, or caring for an ailing or elderly family member are stressors that can all take a toll. Even something as simple as a pessimistic worldview or a tendency to often feel sad, anxious, or angry could potentially cause some stress to your immune system.*

You can help keep your immunity strong by following your mom’s advice: Wash your hands regularly and live a healthy lifestyle that includes eating your fruits and veggies. But if you want to take additional steps to preserve daily health and vitality, there are nutritional strategies you can use to help support your immune system*:

  1. Add a multivitamin and mineral supplement to your healthy diet to ensure your body has all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to support overall health. And to produce immune cells. This includes nutrients like vitamin C and D, as well as zinc. Try USANA HealthPak or CellSentials. You could also consider Proflavanol C or Booster C 600 to get a bigger boost of vitamin C. And you may want to add Vitamin D, too—most people need more.*
  2. Help support healthy function of your immune cells by maintaining healthy membranes with omega-3 fatty acids. Try BiOmega.*
  3. Maintain a healthy gut barrier with prebiotics (which feed your healthy bacteria) or add additional good bacterial support with a probiotic supplement. Try USANA Probiotic.*

You can take your immune-support regimen a step further with a supplement that supports strong immune responses.*

Targeted nutrients can energize your immune cells’ ability to fight back against everyday stresses and protect optimal health. USANA Proglucamune is formulated with a unique blend of these targeted nutrients to help support your body’s naturally powerful defenses.*

Give Your Immune Cells a Black Belt in Self-Defense with Proglucamune

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When it comes to protecting your health, the quicker the immune response, the better. The immune-supporting power of Proglucamune comes from zinc plus the unique InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex. Zinc—an immune-supporting mineral—facilitates cellular communication to amplify the effects of USANA InCelligence Technology. And the blend of beta-glucans uses the power of cell signaling to prime your immune cells’ natural protective responses.*

Your immune cells sense what’s going on in their environment. Then they spring into action when a specific compound or molecule binds to a specific receptor. This action sends a message that a response is needed. In the case of some immune cells, more than one compound must bind to more than one receptor in order to send the message.*

As a simplified example, imagine that some types of immune cells function like a lock that needs two keys to open. Proglucamune acts like one of the keys. The nutrients in Proglucamune have a distinct structure that binds to one of the receptors on an immune cell. This signals to the cell that it should get ready for action. It’s in a heightened state, primed for a fast response. The cell is waiting for that second key to unlock a reaction. Bacteria, foreign substances, and damaged cells may become the second key.*

By priming your immune cells, you’ve essentially turned them into masters of self-defense. Proglucamune has put many of your immune system’s macrophages, neutrophils, and natural killer cells (these are all different types of immune cells with different functions) on high alert to support a robust immune response. The cells are able to act fast, when needed, to help keep your body fit and healthy.*

You may be wondering if this priming could overwork your immune system. The priming activity of Proglucamune is distinctive because it energizes the immune system without fully stimulating it. Another specific protein is required to activate the immune response. So, your body’s protective mechanisms are ready to respond rapidly. But they aren’t fully active until they’re really needed.*

Ancient Wisdom Blends with Modern Science for a Better Source of Beta-glucans

Proglucamune® USANA
Proglucamune® USANA

The cell-activating power of Proglucamune comes from a blend of top-quality beta-glucans. These molecules are naturally occurring polysaccharides—carbohydrate chains of simple sugars. They can come from many sources, including fungi and yeast.*

Most beta-glucan supplements only contain active ingredients from a single source. Proglucamune offers more comprehensive support with beta-glucans from two different sources: mushrooms and baker’s yeast.*

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and shiitake (Lentinula edodes) mushrooms have long been used to support wellness and vitality in ancient cultures. By supporting the immune system, they are thought to help strengthen qi—your so-called circulating life force that is the basis of Eastern philosophy.*

USANA Proglucamune®
USANA Proglucamune®

Mushrooms are certainly delicious. But unfortunately, you can’t get the same level of benefits from simply eating your favorite mushrooms every day. The organic, whole-mushroom powders used in Proglucamune begin from genetically pure strains. The mushrooms are grown in the United States on brown rice and antioxidant-rich purple corn. This proprietary process ensures the concentrated powders are packed with the active compounds found in mushrooms for the best effectiveness.*

You may hear “baker’s yeast” and think of another delicious food—bread. But the strain of baker’s yeast in Proglucamune isn’t your common yeast used for baking. It’s been scientifically designed to provide the most active form of beta-glucan, delivering excellent support for immune health. (This a beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. The number indicates its structure. Differences in molecular weight or structure determine biological activity.) The beta-glucan in Proglucamune is extracted from the cell wall of a highly purified, organic strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (one of the most common species of yeast).*

Clinical studies have shown that this innovative baker’s yeast beta-glucan provides exceptional support for immunity and daily wellness. It appears to be especially beneficial for maintaining upper respiratory health.*

Keep Calm and Carry on by Fighting the Effects of Occasional Stress

As discussed above, physical and psychological stresses can impact immune function. Proglucamune was formulated with ingredients expressly selected for their ability to maintain robust immune health, even during times of stress.*

Reishi offers antioxidant activity and is also considered an adaptogen—an herb that helps your body adapt to stress. Traditionally, it’s been used to bring about balance and calmness.*

A number of studies have found that the baker’s yeast in Proglucamune can help maintain wellness in moderately stressed adult men and women. During these studies, maintained respiratory health, vigor, and overall health and energy levels were seen with supplementation. Calmness and mental clarity were also maintained during mild stresses.*

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Exercise is great for your daily well-being and long-term health. But intense physical challenges may place temporary stress on your immunity and vitality as you recover. If beating your personal best at running (or any other sport) is one of your goals, Proglucamune can help keep your immune system at peak fitness. Research on marathon runners found that regular beta-glucan supplementation can support healthy immune responses to help maintain wellness, energy levels, and a balanced mood after race day.*

USANA Proglucamune®
USANA Proglucamune®

Key Ingredients

  • Baker’s Yeast Extract
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Zinc


Take two (2) tablets daily, preferably with food.

Ideal For

  • Healthy adults
  • Athletes
  • People under occasional high levels of stress

If you have an autoimmune disease, an immune system disorder, or if you are taking immunosuppressant medication, consult your doctor before using this product. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking a prescription drug, or have a medical condition.

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