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Join USANA and Earn Huge Moeny

You can join USANA MLM network by clicking following link:


We can place a lot of associates for you if you join USANA distributor network by click our website sponsor link because USANA’s compensation Plan Benefits. I can only have two direct down-line associates,  If you join today, tomorrow’s associate will become your down-line distributor. The day after tomorrow’s associate will become your down-line’s down-line distributor. Some of our down-line associates already have more than 100 down-line distributors. Read more reason Here

This program is an ingenious way to create passive income.  All you need to do is commit to a small monthly autoship order, for example, the Whitening Toothpaste, and then advise other joining members to do the same.

Then, after you acquire 200 points, your business center unlocks and you get volume points that can convert to cash for a 28 day rolling cycle paid every Friday! You determine how soon that happens!  For example, theoretically, if 10,000 members under you just purchase a 5 point order each per month consistently, that could generate 50,000 points for you! I’m not sure how much income that can produce for you, but according to the compensation plan and the currency conversion, I believe it will be quite generous! You do the math for yourself!

How easy is 5 points per month for anyone to do!?

Otherwise, there will just be dormant accounts without generating any volume. If you want my assistance, I’ll be happy to help you build as a third party endorser. Just plug new people into members that we have in common.

After you pass the 200 point mark, you control the frequency that you buy 100 points of Usana products to collect again for additional 28 day cycles…paid out in four consecutive Fridays!

When the checks you get total more than your purchase amount, NOW YOU’RE MAKING PROFITS that can continue to GROW!

Plus, just imagine how your checks are affected when people under you buy their 200 and 100 point orders! Wow!

 If you have set it up properly, you should have both side downline-associates.

You should be able to earn some decent money by persuading your associates or customers to buy some usana products.

You can find your teammate associates by login your hub.

check my business

you will get following page:

click “contact” and you will find your downline associates. You can contact them by email or phone them and introduce the USANA products and earn money chance.



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