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Manage Your Weight by Conquering Cravings with USANA Nutrimeal  

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Whether you need to lose, gain, or simply maintain your weight, USANA Nutrimeal can be a tasty part of a healthy, fit lifestyle.

To maintain your weight, simply determine how many calories you should consume per day and incorporate a Nutrimeal shake where it makes sense for you.

To gain weight, you likely need to eat more frequently. So, you can use Nutrimeal as a convenient way to add more calories from a balanced, nutritious source.

If you’d like to shed a few pounds to look a little better and support your health, drinking a shake or two in place of a regular meal every day could help. And remember to take your supplements to help fill any gaps while you’re reducing your food intake.

USANA Nutrimeal is the cornerstone of USANA’s 5-Day RESET program—a quick jumpstart into losing weight with healthier eating and lifestyle habits.** This is because Nutrimeal is formulated with a good balance of macronutrients that will keep you feeling satisfied. And it helps sustain your energy levels while you are cutting back on calories. Its low-glycemic formula may also help you reduce cravings.

Cravings often stem from a drop in blood glucose, especially after eating foods that rank high on the glycemic index. This is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood-glucose levels. High-glycemic foods cause a rapid rise in blood glucose followed by a rapid drop. This rollercoaster sends you searching for snacks. Because when your blood sugar plummets, suddenly you’re starving and tired. So, your brain starts urgently telling you to stuff your face with foods to quickly get your blood-sugar levels and energy back up again.

Low-glycemic foods, like USANA Nutrimeal, can help you get off that rollercoaster. These foods digest more slowly, so your blood-glucose levels don’t have such extreme highs and lows. This helps you avoid the crash that stimulates a strong desire for unhealthy foods. So, it will be easier for you to make a better choice at your next meal. And those little daily choices will add up to a big transformation.

Taking the guesswork out of meal planning is another way USANA Nutrimeal makes managing your weight simpler. Each tasty meal-replacement shake is only 240 calories (230 for Nutrimeal Free). Sticking to portion-controlled meal replacements for one or two meals a day has been shown to be effective in helping dieters lose weight and keep it off.