What you can sell in Nu Skin Pharmanex Categories

Eye Formula, Food and Energy, G3, LifePak
Nu Skin company bought pharmanex company in 2014 and improve their products using GENE technology. ageLOC® Youth ageLOC® Youth TR90® Weight Management TR90® Weight Management ageLOC® R2 ageLOC® R2 ageLOC® Vitality ageLOC® Vitality LifePak Family LifePak Family g3 g3 Cell Protection Cell Protection Energy & Stamina Energy & Stamina Heart Health Heart Health Immune Support Immune Support Mood Support Mood Support Men's Health Men's Health Women's Health Women's Health Bone and Joint Bone and Joint Memory Memory Specialized Needs Specialized Needs Digestive Health Digestive Health
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How many products I can buy From Nu Skin Ageloc Brand?

Food and Energy
There are more than 200 products you can buy from Nu Skin. Increase your antioxidant protection by making a commitment to healthy lifestyle changes and supplementing your diet with Pharmanex products. Begin with the LifePak® product that fits your needs, and then choose from an extensive line of the finest nutritional products available. ageLOC Youth (single) $124.00 ageLOC Youth (2 pack) $360.00 ageLOC Youth Ultimate Package $505.00 ageLOC Youth & LifePak Nano $359.00 ageLOC Youth & LifePak Women $288.00 ageLOC Youth & LifePak Prime $303.00 ageLOC Youth & LifePak $270.00 ageLOC Youth & R2 $326.00 ageLOC Youth & g3 2 pack $274.00 ageLOC Youth & ageLOC Vitality $253.00 ageLOC Youth, LifePak Nano & g3 $453.00 ageLOC Youth, LifePak & R2 $416.00
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